Legal Aviation Services

Aes co-operates with a network of international law firms which provides Aviation legal services in several jurisdictions around the world, with Law Offices located in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.


Among the services which our connected network of law firms can offer, are:

    • Negotiating and structuring cross- border aircraft acquisition, financing and leasing, loan or lease rent securitization, any relating guarantees, and drafting MOU and purchease or lease agreements;
    • Supporting Financiers, Owners and Lessor in aircraft redelivery and repossession actions in Court;
    • Supporting Maintenance facilities to collect unpaid maintenance fees through aircraft seizure;
    • Negotiating and drafting fuel supply , hedge agreements and airport handling agreements;
    • Providing guidance and consultancy on IATA resolutions and agreements, inclusive of agency;
    • M&A legal support on acquisition, takeover and merger of and between airlines;
    • Regulatory and legal issues solution for airline start-up, inclusive with regard to licesing and AOC;
    • Legal advice on any antitrust, cartel and competition issues arising from airlines’s business;
    • Insolvency, Liquidation, Re-organization, dismissal and staff lay-off in the Aviation industry;
    • Due diligence of airlines and other aviation businesses for sale or liquidation;Legal assistance relating to flight rights, route designation, slots allocation and birateral treaties;
    • International litigation and arbitration in the Aviation industry;
    • Interpretation of cross-border tax rules and issues solving, in particular with regard to leasing;
    • Public Procurement and public services tender-projects and relating issues, inclusive before Court.

Our connected network can provide legal services in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Romanian, Arab, Chinese, Hindu, Persian, Armenian and various other languages.